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* It's compulsory for each exhibitor to pay the entry fees even if he doesn't show up with his dog /یجب على جمیع المشتركین دفع رسوم التسجیل فى المسابقه حتى إذا لم یحضر كلبه المسابقه
* Entry form must be filled carefuly as fees are not refundable / یجب ملأ الإستماره بعنایه حیث أن مصاریف الإشتراك لا ترد
* Late receiving trophies after the show is valid only for a period of one month after from the show date / إستلام جوائز المسابقه المتأخره خلال فتره  شھر واحد فقط من تاریخ المسابقه
* The dog show committee preserves the right of changing the judges panel due to circumstances / تحتفظ لجنة المسابقات بحق التغییر فى لجنة التحكیم طبقا لأى متغیرات
* I declare that the dog show rules are known to me and I will follow FCI and EKF show rules. Thus, and the up mentioned data relaible & correct / أقر أنى إطلعت على قواعد وتعليمات المسابقات وأننى  سأتبع جميع القواعد المنظمه  للمسابقات، ھذا وأن البیانات المذكوره أعلاه موثوقه وصحیحه
* I understaand as a forigner, I can pay the entry fees at the show, incase of my absence and as long as my dog has been shown at the show catalouge, I still keep the commitement for the show entry fees to the EKF.
* In case of forigne participants who are paying upon arrival, entry fees must be paid to the dog show administration before the show starts.
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