EKF Youth

EKF Youth

Following the FCI steps, and out of the EKF belief of the importance of the FCI initiative move of more merging and involving the young generation into our cynology. the EKF has established its own EKF youth. 

Thus the EKF has formed the youth committee which represents the EKF youth, that is responsible for exploring the youngsters’ interests, ideas and relation issues with dogs. Also, sharing their experiences, stories and funny moments with their companions together. Enriching their information about how importance dogs’ existence in our lives, best ways of maintaining the good relations with them. Moreover, showing the appreciations for these beautiful companions for being so much supportive for humankind and man’s best friend ever.

Believing that, always living through & practicing the experience is much different than telling about, so EKF youth is planning to maintain the physical communication as the best productive ways of delivering the information, lots of activities are on list such as providing more topics that could guarantee so, during working with dogs such as obedience, agility, herding, utility dogs, freestyle and handling.

Together the EKF youth is also taking part of the educational & cultural committee activities which concerns of approaching young people at their schools & kindergartens delivering their massage virally in a so dedicated & talented way. Holding in the future summer camps and courses for youngsters in coordination with their schools & kindergartens.


FCI youth mission & vision
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FCI guidlines for world and section junior handling competitions
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